Sponsorship! & the Nitty Gritty

Hiking the Appalachian Trail is at once incredibly exciting and utterly terrifying.

The thought of being surrounded by nature, meeting other awesome thru-hikers, and the physical challenge of hiking 15+ miles a day makes my heart want to burst.

Then I’m quickly brought back to reality again with the thoughts of no income for six months, still having bills to pay, needing to buy myself food, inevitably having to replace gear, etc. etc.

That’s the scary part for me. The money.

I’m working hard to have enough saved up on my own, but in all honesty, I’m going to need some help. So, this is me asking — for your help. šŸ™‚

Your support would mean the world to me. I’m looking for a few different types of support:

  1. People who want to follow my blog and/or instagram (@katbissett) and just give me some encouraging words and feedback when I need it!
  2. People that live near the trail (I know a few already!!!) that wouldn’t mind giving a smelly hiker (that’d be me) a shower or a bed to sleep in for a night.
  3. People that will send me mail! Seriously — I would love letters, packages, etc.
  4. People that are willing to sponsor me by making a donation to my trip.

I created a super sweet gofundme page –> https://www.gofundme.com/katontheat

Every dollar gets me one step closer to completing the trail.

In case you’re curious here’s some examples of what your support would help me with:


a days worth of snacks
laundry in town
a hot shower at a community center
an ice cream cone splurge
toilet paper resupply šŸ™‚
a handful of postcards to send to my lovely sponsors!


a meal out in town
new socks — my feet won’t smell so bad! for a little while
fuel for my stove
permethrin spray — so I don’t get ticks!


a mail drop resupply box — full of yummy things to eat
a night in hostel/hotel (split with a few other hikers)


replace a small gear item
extra battery pack for my phone


new hiking outfit — shirt and shorts
sweet multifunction watch (definitely a wishlist item)


luxury “zero day” at an inn/lodge
new boots (most hikers go through 3-4 pairs of shoes)
replace a major gear item
transportation from Maine back to our flip-flop location
transportation home from Georgia

Or you can sponsor me by state — $1 per mile!


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