worth it

As I drive to work, if the sun is just right, if the clouds aren’t too thick or too low, I can look up and see the mountains in the distance. Certain mornings they’re just light, shadowy outlines. This morning, however, they were brilliant! I could see three, maybe four layers of mountains. Just there. On the horizon. Standing boldly against the bright morning sky.

Looking at those mountains, I’m reminded that it’s all worth it.

My long nights waitressing after my busy days at school. Not buying those new clothes. Not going out for those drinks. My free time spent dehydrating food and reading articles about how to avoid chaffing (yup, that’s a pleasant read).

All these sacrifices, the little ones and the seemingly bigger ones, are making my dream of hiking the Appalachian Trail a reality. Sometimes I doubt that they’re enough. That I’ll actually be able to pull this off.

But those mountains remind me.

In 61 days (SIXTY-ONE DAYS!!!) I’ll be putting on my pack, lacing up my boots, and saying goodbye to this “normal” life for six months.

I can’t wait. I am so excited! SO. Excited.

But sometimes I worry that I’m too excited. Am I too ready to leave? Is this trip just me running away from my life (as I’ve joked several times)? It is just an escape for the sake of an escape?

Sometimes I doubt the answers to those questions… but today I know.

I know that this is a good adventure. I know that God’s opened doors for it to happen. I know that while it is an escape, it’s also an opportunity. It will come with its own stresses and hardships. It won’t always seem like the greener side of the grass. BUT, it’s the next step. It’s my next beginning.

And so, all the craziness that will lead up to the trail in the next sixty-one days will be worth it.

And those morning mountains will continue to remind me of that.





*note — the picture above isn’t actually from my drive to work, my mountains are a little smaller… but they look just that majestic to me 😉


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