Today’s the day! The sun is shining!

(*any of you that just pictured the scene from Finding Nemo as you read those two lines get major friend points)

Today, June 13th marks not only my 25th birthday (Quarter of a century! Halfway to 50! What?!), but also the long anticipated start date for my Appalachian Trail thru-hike. And I can’t believe it’s already here!

There are so many things I could still do to get ready! So many more articles and gear lists I could read! So much more food I could dehydrate. And yet, here I am cherishing the last few moments in my beautiful comfy bed before (in just a few short hours) I get in the car to drive to the trail.

Before I start, I wanted to take a few minutes to thank those of you that have supported my trip. To those of you that have written me encouraging notes or sent little cards filled with prayers and scriptures — thank you! I know in moments of hardship and discouragement I will find comfort and truth. To those of you who were able to give financially — thank you! I have no hope of completing the trail without you! To my mom who has helped me stay sane (and also helped with mass dehydrating), you are the best I could ever ask for! Thank you for believing in my dreams and for always wanting what’s best for me!

Confession time: (Sorry for inadequate transitioning there.) At this point, I don’t have enough funding to make the entire trail. I’m about $3000 shy. Which is quite a lot. Now, whether that money comes through or not – I’m going to hike for as long as I can and I know that whatever section I can accomplish is going to be such an invaluable opportunity. Letting go of fear and trusting in God’s perfect plan/timing is what has gotten me here so far, and it will carry me forward.

My GoFund me page will still be up throughout the trip. Also, my little sister put together a t-shirt sale — if you want to completely make an eleven year old’s day, grab a shirt for $20 or make a donation there.

FINALLY, many of you have been asking about mail drop locations – “Where can we send you things on the trail??” So, here are the first few we have planned! They have expected dates on them, but of course that could change. If you address them as listed below the local post office should be able to hold things for a while until I get to them. So, if you want to send some “trail magic” my way — I would love that!” I’ll be posting some other ideas later. 🙂

Start all the addresses with this:

Kathryn Bissett 

ATTN: Hold for AT hiker, ETA – 

Then just fill in the ETA and the second half of the address.

1. ETA – 7/2

General delivery

Cheshire, MA 01225

2. TBD 🙂

3. ETA – 8/11

General delivery

Stratton, ME 04982

4. ETA – 8/18

General delivery

Monson, ME 04982


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