One slow jog at a time… 

Sometimes I start writing a post and then it never gets finished. It’ll sit in that draft folder for a long time, and some never quite make it out of there. But this one had to be finished…


So, the other day I went on a little mile long run – my first real activity beyond walking since getting off trail a few weeks ago. Now,  I wish I could say that it felt amazing and that I just flew through it. But it didn’t feel as great as I thought it would. My knees didn’t feel awesome. BUT, they made it the whole way without stopping and without any alarming pain.

As I slowly jogged my way around each corner of that one mile loop I reminded myself that healing doesn’t happen overnight. That each time I’m able to jog a slow mile is incredible progress. That not having stabbing pain is progress. That having a desire to run and move is progress.

It was humbling to have to leave the trail. To look at pictures of the White Mountains and Maine and know that my knees would’ve been in agony over those sections. I’ve always been active and loved sports that push your body to the limit. Crew. Rugby. I’m the girl who lines up next to the fastest person on the team when we do sprints because I want to beat them or at least try to keep up with them. So, dealing with a physical limitation I can’t control and can’t (or shouldn’t) push through is tough. At the same time though — I’ve been able to walk away from the trail with an overwhelmingly positive outlook. As I said in my last post – I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to hike for as long as I did and for what I learned from it.

Healing can be slow. It can have a lot of roadblocks and hindrances.

It also has a lot of lessons. And a lot of great moments.

I made it through that first run. And the second run. And then the third.

And then somehow I found myself back on the rugby pitch. Fully restored. Knees happy. Muscles stretched. I found myself running a 5k and coming out with a personal record.

How the body heals and mends blows my mind. I’ve had surgery before and gone through physical therapy — you’d think I would be used to it by now. But it still amazes me. And it reminds me not to take any stage of life for granted.

Fight off the spirits of discontent and discouragement. Get back up. Keep going. Take it one slow jog at a time. 🙂



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