People. Moments. Seasons. 

Sometimes you step back and wonder how life got you to this moment. How everything has led up to exactly where you are. All the twists and turns. All the bumps. All the good surprises. All the hard ones. All the laughter. All the tears. All the worries and fears. All the moments of complete joy and utter contentment. All the questions and decisions. All the things still unanswered. All the people. The places…

Each has brought you in some way to where you are in this moment.

I was talking with a friend last night, laughing about how different some of my social circles are. “You’re just versatile,” she said. Which I guess is true. I love all sorts of different people and each one brings their own unique value to my life.

As I kept thinking about it, I was reminded of something I wrote two years ago (typing that makes me feel old by the way) on my old blog. This weekend I have the joy of celebrating a close friend’s birthday, the dedication of two precious little girls, and the graduation of a teammate. So it seems fitting to share my old post again.

Here goes…

It’s funny how people come in and out of your life. How some people are there for longer seasons and others for just a short while. Some people haven’t ever left. And some never really came.

Whenever I travel it astounds me how many people there are in the world. Every driver that passes me on the highway. Every passenger on a crowded metro. Every waiter, waitress, cashier, shopkeeper, officer, musician, artist, chef, mother, father, student, child. Each one has their own life. Their own piece of reality. Their own struggles. Their own triumphs. Their own families. Their own friends. Their own moments of joy. Their own moments of sadness. Their own loneliness. Their own thoughts.

It’s humbling to think about. To think about how big the world is that it contains so many other lives. How small my problems and my own piece of reality are compared to it all.  How diverse, and yet how truly similar each story is.

As I look back on another year passing, and another year (*now my 26th) on the horizon — I wonder at the people that have been part of my story. My earliest memories. My childhood friends. Those I looked up to. Those I still do. Those who aren’t with me anymore. Those who are just stepping into my life. Those who have seen me at my worst. Those who have seen me at my best. Those who have only just scratched the surface. Those who have challenged me. Those who encourage.  Those who caused hurt. Those who have loved me deeply. Those I see daily. And those for whom my heart aches.

I count myself blessed because of these people. Each one has changed me in some way. Has helped me grow. Has pushed me. Has spurred me on.

I know that life will continue to usher people in and out of my life. That they will continue to break me down or build me up. That each one will have their season.

I pray that I never lose sight of the big picture. That I never take a season of my life for granted. And that I continue to marvel at those people who make up my story.

Life is really a beautiful thing.


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